Tips for Star Wars Collectors

Anyone diving into this article is either a Star Wars fan, a collector, or both. Chances are you’ve heard of these collectibles and figures, but if you haven’t, let us help build your collection with these quick suggestions!

Disney Elite Series

Whether a casual collector or toy for the kids (or the grown ups. Hey, we’re not judging), the Elite Series figure is a good option. These die cast figures are exclusive to the Disney Store only and retail for around $24.95. Only some characters are sold online, but you may have luck finding certain figures at your local Disney Store.



Black Series

Like the Elite Series, the Black Series is a fairly priced line of Star Wars figures. Selling for around $20 (depending on the store), these figures are incredibly rare to find.

The Black Series ranges from small Star Wars vehicles to six inch figures to a full on, wearable Kylo Ren helmet. Not in the market for a full size helmet? The Black Series has a line of smaller helmets, which can be neatly displayed anywhere with a built-in stand.

There’s something in this line for everyone.


Funko Pop Figures

Now, who hasn’t heard of Funko? If you don’t know the name off the top of your head, you’ll know the look of the figures. Funko Pop figures are everywhere, with almost any character you can imagine.

Even Star Wars characters.

Find characters from the original trilogy and The Force Awakens. Keep them in the box or take them out. There’s no right or wrong when choosing how to display these figures!

Of everything listed in this article, the Funko Pop figures are the most affordable, and probably the most fun.


Star Wars LEGO Sets

Some of these sets can be pricey, but they’re fun to build and look beautiful in the collection!


Hot Toys – Sixth Scale Figure

Now these figures are way up there in terms of price, but if you’re the collector with a bigger budget, you might want to consider the Star Wars line from Hot Toys. In case one isn’t familiar with the name, Hot Toys is a company that manufactures extremely detailed collectibles.

Hot Toys makes beautiful figures, but our favorite of all the Star Wars characters is the sixth scale Boba Fett. Now, there are two versions of the character. One from the Empire Strikes Back and the other from Return of the Jedi.

With the Return of the Jedi figure, there are two versions. A standard and a deluxe for twenty-five dollars more. The deluxe version includes a collectible Sarlacc base.

Standing just over eleven inches, the figure has thirty points of articulation and includes accessories like his jetpack, blaster, shin tools, and more. The paint job on the figure is out of this world. See what we did there? But seriously, the paint job and details is something you’ll have to see to believe.

You can find a great in-depth review from dfuzeNL of the Return of the Jedi figure here.

The Empire Strikes Back version of the figures is available for purchase now, and the Return of the Jedi Boba Fett by Hot Toy is available now for pre-order on the porno Sideshow Collectibles website.

Collectors can also find other sixth scale figures and more collectible characters from the original trilogy, like Darth Vader, Luke Skywalker, Han Solo and Chewbacca. You’re also in luck if you’re a fan of The Force Awakens, as they have many of the characters up for pre-order now.

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