The Best New Star Wars Game You Haven’t Played Yet

According to The Guardian, board game sales have recently increased between 25% and 40%. The quantity and quality of board games has been on an increase every year since the release of Settlers of Catan, a German board game is first introduced in 1995 (according to FiveThirtyEight). Board game designers have started producing innovative, exciting, and beautiful games that offer experiences not found in even the best types of software-based games. One example of such a game is Star Wars X-Wing Miniatures. The dogfighting turn-based game gives you the rush of being Luke Skywalker going up against TIE Fighters with the beloved X-Wing. There are three main reasons why this game is brilliant and adored by thousands of Star Wars Fans.

Easy Setup
One of the biggest I convinces for board games is the elaborate setup. Some games require hundreds of little pieces that must be precisely laid out. X Wing Miniatures requires as little or as much setup preparation as you want. At the very least, the setup requires a blank table and enough room for a couple of ship pieces. From there you just need to navigate the ships using set pieces and dice. The game sells difference ship packages, such as the Slave II ship flown by Boba Fett, so you can bring these other pieces into play for a more elaborate setup. It all depends on how much time and effort you’re willing to put into it.

Customized Gameplay
Dovetailing off the custom setup, the game itself can be adjusted on the fly. A full game can take as little as 20 minutes to complete, or you can add ships and teams to expand the game for a few hours. Not only can you adjust the time, but you can also adjust the game’s style. Each pilot has a skill level. Luke Skywalker is skilled enough to take on two standard TIE Fighters, so that can be a two-on-one battle scenario. The more pilot points you play with, the more types of ship combinations you can use.

Competitive for Everyone
One excellent feature this game allows is varying difficulties. When I played for the first time, I was given a pilot with more points than what my opponent uses. This handicap allows hardcore fans and gamers to introduce newbies to the game without completely crushing them and causing them to lose interest. But rather, as a new player develops skill, the gameplay can be altered to more evenly-matched.

What you need to know to play this game right away
A starter pack for this game includes Luke Skywalker’s X-Wing and two TIE Fighters. This is simply all you need to get going. Each player receives a dial that you set each turn to determine your pilot’s trajectory. You do this blind to what your opponent does. At that point, it comes down to getting within firing range of each other’s ship, and the luck of the dice. Each ship can deliver and take certain amounts of damage. Each pilot also has a set of skills that can aid their ship.

It takes a few games to get the hang of the skills and added features of each pilot. But once you understand the game flow, you will be hooked. If there is one downside of this game, it’s that beyond the first startup set, the pieces can get pretty expensive. This may limit how you play this game long-term if you aren’t willing to invest in the additional pieces needed for a more advanced gameplay. But if you do invest in the pieces, you’re not just adding value to the game quality, but you have some souvenirs you can display at all times on your desk or bookshelves.

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